3 Myths About Thermostats in Chester, VA

Thermostats are impressive and powerful devices, but far too many people have misconceptions that keep them from tapping into their full potential. Since false notions about thermostats can come with certain problems, let’s debunk some myths about them for homeowners in Chester, VA.

1. Higher (or Lower) Temperature Settings Mean Faster Results

After your thermostat orders your HVAC system to turn on, the system will pump out either warm or cold air at a constant rate. Since your home will either warm or cool at a steady rate, setting the temperature higher or lower will only waste energy instead of accelerating the process.

2. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Have Your Thermostat

When your thermostat takes temperature readings for your home, its frame of reference will be its current location. This means if the device is in a colder-than-average room, it may order your HVAC system to put in more work than is necessary to warm your home and vice versa.

Your thermostat’s placement will also significantly impact your energy bills. Choose a place that is neither warmer (like your kitchen) nor colder (like your basement) than average. Having multiple thermostats in different locations may also be a viable solution.

3. Your Thermostat Is to Blame if Temperatures Aren’t Stabilizing

Your thermostat should be able to regulate your HVAC system so that the temperatures in your home remain at the level you want them. When this doesn’t happen, it may be tempting to blame the thermostat. While the device can sometimes be the culprit, it’s not always the case.

Other times, your HVAC system may have malfunctioned. For example, your ductwork may be leaking, debris may have clogged the coils or your furnace’s blower motor may be faulty. To discover the exact cause of the problem, call an HVAC technician to request repairs.

Understanding your thermostat is the best way to make the most of it. Call Americool Heating & Cooling, Inc. today, and ask for our thermostat and climate control services, including installation, repair and replacement.

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