How to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Richmond, VA Pet Owners

According to estimates, about 70% of U.S. households have at least one pet. While we love our furry companions and even get to meet some of our Richmond, VA customers’ pets when we’re on the job, animals can create a variety of indoor air quality concerns that may require targeted solutions.

Air Filters/Air Purifiers for Pet Dander and Contaminants

Some pets leave a cloud of fur wherever they go. However, it’s not the fur that triggers sneezing fits. Pet allergies are primarily triggered by skin cell and saliva proteins. If you have pets, upgrade to an HVAC filter rated at MERV 9 to 12. These filters remove pet dander, pollen, and dust. For additional relief, consider a whole-house air filter/air purifier. These low-maintenance systems remove 99% of airborne contaminants and filter the air multiple times per hour.

Strategies for Controlling Pet Odors

One downside of pet ownership is issues with occasional or persistent odors. Whether you need to combat stubborn litter box odors or that pesky dog smell, consider installing carbon-based HVAC filters that absorb odors from pets, smoke, and cooking. Mechanical ventilators that exhaust indoor air and gather fresh outdoor air are also helpful. They balance the temperature at the same time for uninterrupted comfort.

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality with Pets

Your home can smell clean and fresh whether you have one pet or several. Here are a few tips for improving your indoor air quality.

  • Vacuum carpeting and furnishings weekly.
  • Use slipcovers for easy cleaning.
  • Clean baseboards thoroughly.
  • Wash pet bedding in hot water.
  • Brush your pet outdoors.
  • Use pet-friendly wipes to remove excess hair and dander.

If you’re looking for an easy way to maintain a cleaner, healthier home, an air purifier or filter could be the right solution. You can find a complete catalog of our indoor air quality products online. Give Americool Heating & Cooling, Inc. a call to see which option is best for your family.

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