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Nexia Smartphone Cooling

Every OS…. Every screen

Let’s face it. It’s an insanely mobile world. We check email, do banking, pay bills, read news, shop, watch TV and movies, and much more all through our smartphone. Nexia understands that. In fact, we’re one of the only home automation platforms that offer an app for the iPhone, Android and the Windows Phone!

Now—on almost any smartphone on the market, you can watch your kids get home, manage your door locks, change the temperature in your home and whatever else you’ve customized your Nexia system to do to help you stay connected to what matters most.

And we are not limited to the smartphone. Whatever your “screen of choice,” we work with it. You can remotely access the Nexia system via any Internet-enabled device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Complete Control.
No Matter if You’re Home or Away


Remotely monitor and control your home’s most basic functions, including heating/cooling, security, lights, cameras and more.  Add over 200 products to your Nexia account for $9/99!


No long-term contracts, broad capability, future-ready platform.

What if you were told no contracts are required? And that our service is compatible with products from various manufacturers? And that our future-ready design allows us to stay ahead of technology advances?  Would you be interested in what we have to offer?

That’s exactly what is drawing many subscribers to Nexia:

  • No long-term contracts: Subscribers pay a flat $9.99 monthly fee to enable secure remote access to the connected products in their homes. There are no connection, installation or other usage fees that are common with other systems. If at any point, you choose to cancel your subscription, all of the products you purchased still work in your home—you just won’t be able to manage them through Nexia.

  • Broad compatibility: You choose the products you want on the system. You aren’t limited to products only made by a certain manufacturer, as is the case with closed design systems. You can choose Z-Wave products from trusted names like Schlage, Trane, American Standard, Everspring, GE, Honeywell, Linear, Leviton, Advanced Control Technologies and many others. Components available include locks, locks, lighting/small appliance controls, thermostats, sensors and we’re always adding more. For a product guide and more information, visit our Compatible Products page.

  • Future-ready platform: We chose to build Nexia with Z-Wave compatibility. Because of its open architecture, Z-Wave will likely be compatible with any new technology advancements. In situations where that’s not the case, our development team releases regular firmware and software updates to address any compatibility issues and keep Nexia well positioned for the technological advancements of the future. What to know about online security

What to know about online security

So much of life is online now, bringing greater convenience and ease to your daily routine. With practically every web-based function, you are asked to provide your personal information. While it’s commonplace today, there is still an underlying concern how that data will be used.

In the home automation sector, concerns about the protection of personal data rose to the forefront recently with Google’s entry into the market. “Privacy advocates—already wary of Google’s intentions given frequent accusations of privacy violations—aren’t keen on the idea of Google’s involvement with devices that already monitor our behavior and presence,” according to a USA Today article. 

While we can’t speak for Google, we can share our intentions and mission. It’s fairly simple. Nexia™ Home Intelligence provides a cloud-based software service that allows you to remotely control products in your home so you can stay connected to what matters most. That’s it.   

Here’s how we protect your information:

  • First, there’s the security of your data—how we keep it safe, backed up and protected. We follow industry best-practices to ensure subscriber data security. And then we regularly engage an industry-leading security assessment firm to confirm that our security is robust throughout. Security in a digital world is an ongoing concern for any company and one on which we place a high priority.
  • The second consideration is the privacy of your data. Our promise to you is that we will never sell or compromise your personal information. That is a guarantee.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our subscribers. We want them to know they can trust us and that means by protecting their data. We’re focused on making your life easier—and that extends to eliminating any fears about how your personal information is treated.